Global Positioning Strategy Report

The $ Trillion Opportunities:
Building Global Brands with Country Positioning in Mind
First positioning report focused on cognition and category in the world
The world is encountering a once-in-a-century revolution
More than 150 years ago, Dickens said it was the best of times and the worst of times. Today, 150 years later, we still believe that twists and turns coexist with development, and changes coexist with opportunities. "Globalization" or "anti-globalization"? The progress of global history faces a crucial choice in 2020.

Al Ries, pioneer of positioning, said that every successful national brand should explore the possibility of becoming a global brand. Globalization is not just an option, but a matter of life and death. Today, the complex international situation actually provides a valuable window for brands to go globalization.So, at the changing time, how should global entrepreneurs build their own global brands?
Explore global business opportunities for continuous value
Explore global business opportunities for continuous valueAt an important time when global business is facing great challenges in 2020, business and brands need to explore the global blue ocean opportunities. With this goal in mind, we started this project to explore unrecognized global business opportunities. In this process, the importance of “category positioning” gradually came into our vision, which led us to look at business from another perspective. Thus, we invited Ries Consulting to co-operated on this topic. Ries Consulting plays as a global strategic positioning leader, famous for pioneering positioning theory which combine "cognitive" and "category" in its business models. We together try to capture the most potential product categories and conclude with some useful points for business owners and decision makers.

—— Michael Joselof, FORTUNE CMO
Build global brands based on country positioning in mind
The global challenges and changes in 2020 have prompted us to re-think about global brands. We have always believed that "global brand" is the only way to the development of business.

This is not only because brand globalization can expand markets, but also because local brands cannot ignore the prevalent competition from global players in every country. It should be the choice of every enterprise and every brand to expand the global market, shape the global brand, and share the value of the global industrial chain.

Invited by Fortune to jointly finish the "Global Strategic Positioning Report: Trillion Dollar Opportunities in Country Positioning in Mind", we worked from the perspective of " country positioning in mind" and "categories" to elaborate brands with opportunities to achieve global brands and try to provide them with guidance in the form of cases.

——Laura Ries, Ries Global Chairman
A sketch of in-mind country positioning of 6 countries - China, Germany, France, UK, US and India.
Back to the essence –
consumer mind resources
“Faced with millions of information, consumers categorize similar products and usually only remember the representative brands. The classification of information in the minds of consumers is called "category". To put it vividly, categories are the "pigeonholes" that store different types of information in consumers' minds. ”

——Al Ries
For all countries in the research (China, Germany, France, UK, US and India), each has formed its own specific and solid country positioning in mind among global consumers. Each country also has a representative and leading industry and category from the consumer perspective.This time, the technology competition in consumer product field is not only a competition among products, but a competition among brands.
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