Why Ries

Clients hire us based on our global reputation and decades of experience. Leaders like how we approach marketing strategy based on our books and then bring us into work on their brand. The laws of branding and marketing are easy to learn, but applying them to each individual client’s situation takes skill. That is where the Ries team comes in.

Positioning Report

In the positioning phase, Ries focuses on category and brand research. According to different core topics for different companies, we provide suggestions for brands with regard to differentiated positioning, category/brand layout and innovative category design. Under each brand’s strategic direction, we help identify the key fit systems to ensure that the positioning is implemented from a strategic perspective.

Implementation of New Positioning

During the implementation of strategic positioning, Ries works closely with the management and key departments to ensure that the execution is consistent with the strategic direction, while fine-tuning the tactical direction in a timely manner to ensure that strategic goals are achieved.

Examination of Positioning and Customized Study

It usually takes at least 3 years for corporations to successfully execute a strategy and establish entry barriers. Ries will communicate regularly with the management and evaluate marketing performance throughout the year, including the performance of communication, changes in mind share, changes in sales, etc. The purpose is to ensure that the operation and marketing activities do not deviate from the brand positioning and that strategic targets will be achieved.